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Noise in the workplace has the potential to cause damage to workers hearing, if the average or peak noise levels, are too high. This often can lead to noise induced hearing loss; a permanent condition

Health Safety Environment Australia, undertake noise surveys, to map and understand areas in workplaces, where noise levels exceed the regulatory guideline of 85 dB(A) and produce contour maps to identify which workers are at risk of potential hearing loss. During the noise survey we measure and determine what noise sources and processes are causing high noise levels and identify the risks.

Frequency analysis of the noise sources can indicate which types of engineering controls may be effective in reducing noise generated by equipment.

Personal Sound Exposure Measurements (PSEM) or noise dosimetry is also carried out to determine the personal exposure of workers to understand if further controls are required to reduce the noise levels. The PSEM or noise dosimetry results can then be used to determine what type of hearing protective devices (ear plugs or ear muffs) would be appropriate for the specific tasks or areas where a person worked.

The noise survey data also provides employers with the groups of workers at risk of noise induced hearing loss who must have audiometric testing carried out as a baseline line and every two years after that time.

Our Occupational Hygienists and technicians also provide fit testing programs to check if ear plugs are being correctly fitted where used.

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