Respirator Fit Testing

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(PPE Fit Testing)

Best practice for any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is to ensure the right fit. 
Fit testing of respirators (RPE Respiratory Protective Equipment) and ear plugs is mandatory on a number of sites and across industries.
Australian Standards AS/NZ 1715:2009 Selection use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment, recognise this and fit testing is included. 
Section 2 of the Standard calls for a Respiratory Protection Program and the Fit Tick program builds and supports compliance.

Respirator Fit Testing by FitTick

Testing to ensure that the respirators with a tight-fitting face piece really do provide the adequate seal on the wearers face is the key outcome of the Fit Tick Program.

Why FitTick?

  • Mobile + in-house fit testing facilities
  • Purpose-built mobile testing booth for on-site testing
  • Experienced testing in remote areas
  • Experienced conducting 500+ tests (e.g. mining )
  • Delivers conformance and compliance with current standards
  • Provides a managed approach across whole of site operations
  • Independent testing across all major brands of equipment
  • Low impact of testing on your workflows
  • FitTick card (durable) provided with testing results
Test Results
  • Each test conducted comes with a computer print out of the test results.
    On completion of the respiratory fit test, a copy is sent to the employer so it can be kept on their employment file.
FitTick card:

Respirator Fit Testing FitTick CardThis card is sent out with completed reports to be given to the employee. The card shows the date of the test and the due date of the next test. These cards are registered on our site so in the event of loss or damage they can be replaced and because we have the records we can be your reminder of what tests are due and when.


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