OH&S Management System - Development & Compliance Audit

OHS Management Systems

Health Safety Environment Australia continues to deliver and support industry and government across Australia. We understand the need for compliance and the increasing rate of change in the environment of every business. The skill to act independently, confidentially and quickly continue to be our measure of success in this area.

In today’s regulatory world, no matter what the size of your company, you need to manage your health and safety in a systematic method that best suits your business.
Our experienced consultants have many years of experience in assisting companies to develop OHS systems that are appropriate for their size and type of operations.

We have the expertise to ensure your OHS systems will address the following requirements:

  • WHS Act and the subordinate legislation / standards
  • Self Insurer Standards
  • AS / NZS 4801 / 4804 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
  • AS / NZS 14001 Environmental Management Systems
  • Environment and Protection Act & Legislative
Compliance Audits

Health Safety Environment Australia provide qualified, independent and confidential audits that provide analysis and identify strengths as well as gaps in existing programs. Our ability to partner with clients in compliance and gap analysis audits prior to public or more formal audits being undertaken has been a key to our success. Our confidential approach with government and business has better enhanced their profile and their success.
The types of audits Health Safety Environment Australia can provide include;

  • Compliance to AS / NZS 4801
  • Compliance to WHS Act and the subordinate legislation/standards
  • Compliance to internal Systems / Policies / Procedures
  • Review and or development of company specific risk assessments
  • Hazardous materials management compliance
  • Physical Hazard Audits
  • Contractor compliance
  • Review and or develop safety plans
  • Compliance to PPE standards
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