Occupational Health & Safety Training

Across Australia, there is a duty of care and a legal requirement to provide regular and relevant training programs for specific Health and Safety issues surrounding the workplace.

Health Safety Environment Australia provides tailored on-site and off-site training programs across government and industry throughout Australia.

Please note, we do not offer individual training courses to the general public.

Examples of Occupational Health and Safety Training Programs that we provide are:

  • Responsible officer training
  • OHS for managers and supervisors (Nationally Accredited)
  • Health & Safety Committees
  • OHS awareness for employees
  • Risk/Hazard Assessment
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Manual Handling
  • Chemical Handling
  • Accident Investigation

Our trainers have a sound understanding of Occupational Health and Safety with more than 50 years of experiences as OH&S practitioners across government and industry. This successful background along with their formal education qualification ensures learners have the best opportunity to absorb and retain the information.

Health Safety Environment Australia, are often asked to build client-specific programs and courses to meet the individual client's needs and each program is developed, implemented and assessed against an agreed set of criteria with every client, every time. With the agreed measures of success, training programs better achieve the needs of the client.

Health Safety Environment Australia also understands the need to build a training program that integrates the existing workplace, policies, procedures and programs to enhance the learning objectives of the group and ensure that the training builds on the existing knowledge of the staff and contractors and not simply be another “tacked” on the program.

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