Clandestine Drug Labs

July 31, 2017

Unfortunately, more and more people are finding that properties they own or care for have been used in the manufacture of illicit drugs
Often the “cooks” use hotel rooms, apartments and even a caravan without the knowledge of neighbours.
By the very secrecy of what they do, these labs are uncontrolled, unlike the controlled manufacture of legal drugs and chemicals.  They, the “cooks” have little or no concern at all of the proper storage, use, generation and disposal of such chemicals around the illegal lab itself.
This absolute disregard of residues from the manufacturing of illicit drugs can lead to liquids and powders, permeating on porous and non-porous surfaces and even the drainage system. Both short and long term health effects have been continuously found on new occupants. This risk is especially true with small children as they crawl and start to use their hands to eat.   In others, serious health issues including behaviour changes, asthma-like symptoms and trouble sleeping have been known to take effect on new tenants or owners of such properties.  
If your property is identified as a clandestine drug lab, it is a requirement by law and therefore, your responsibility to ensure that; an assessment of contamination has occurred and proper and appropriate remediation was carried out.
Significant penalties do exist for those who do not remediate their properties after such use.
Health Safety Environment Australia has the team to properly identify your risks and make informed recommendations on how to have the areas properly cleaned.  We will then do a further investigation to be sure that your contractors have cleaned the site properly.  After remediation, our clearance certificates are then provided for you to lift any sort of caveat on the property, to get yourself back in the house or reinstate the tenants rent.
Health Safety Environment Australia is experienced in dealing with these issues. Working internationally for over 11 years we have the necessary experience and expertise to get your assessment right. We can conduct onsite analysis to determine which drugs where manufactured and provide a detailed report on how best to clean and contain your contamination issue.
If you have concerns or if your Council has issued you with a notice to engage a suitably qualified expert; don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 SAFETY.

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