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Safety Performance Optimisation

As a Leader you are responsible and accountable for the performance and delivery of workforce behaviour and performance excellence.

Time and time again we meet clients who continue to do the same things day in, day out, expecting a different result!

Our Safety Performance team works with Leaders, the Corporate Executive and the Board, to deliver programs that develop lasting change and better performance outcomes.

We call it Safety Performance Optimisation!

Working with Leaders, our Safety Performance consultants develop targeted programs aligned to your organisations operational and strategic objectives, delivering change that ‘sticks’.

Our Safety Performance team understands that it’s not possible having the same processes, policies, forms, systems and risk profiles as everyone else; and then expecting a competitive difference.

For example, if your training is not targeted or is delivered time and time again, your documents are off-the-shelf or protected by the people that built them, or your supporting systems are not contextualised, this simply cannot bring better ‘Safety Performance’.

Through the application of our ‘Safety Performance Model’, the Safety Performance team quickly gets to understand where your gaps may be, and where real safety performance opportunities can be achieved.

Working with you, our Safety Performance team will deliver targeted and bespoke programs that strive for best practice, the highest safety performance outcomes, and that reflect on your leadership and commitment to ‘Safety Performance’.  Not a simple ‘cookie cutter’ or ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution; our programs are tailored to your business needs, aimed at delivering your desired success.

Safety Performance Model

Our Safety Performance team truly believes that ‘Safety Centric’ leadership and commitment is the critical element for the establishment of a high-performing, self-reflecting and positive ‘safety culture’.

HSE Australia through our ‘Safety Performance Model’, espouse 3 key pillars leaders should not ignore, and which are pivotal for safety performance excellence.

When applying the ‘Safety Performance Model’, our Safety Performance team works with your organisation’s Leaders to establish a common vision and management philosophy to develop and define your ‘Safety Centric Culture’.

Our Safety Performance team will then focus on practical fit-for-purpose solutions to support your Leaders in developing a high-performing safety culture, with practical tools that can be embedded into your business for driving and maintaining behavioural change.

Our Safety Performance Optimisation Team will deliver your success..

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