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Asbestos has been used in the past in Australia in more than 3000 different products and 2/3 of those products were produced for the construction industry.

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Asbestos has been used in a variety of different products, such as Cement Sheet installed as ceiling and wall cladding, and roof sheeting. Other products known to contain asbestos are floor coverings such as vinyl floor tiles and adhesives; some sheet floor coverings; electrical items, mastics and putties to name a few.

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Some of those Asbestos-containing products are:
  • External and internal wall cladding
  • Roof cladding and shingles
  • Insulation in general (all industries)
  • Thermal insulation & fireproofing products
  • Cement products and brick & plaster sealants
  • Lagging on pipes in ships, processing plants, or in factories
 Listing all areas here would be a long and arduous task and most probably still not capture all products. Unfortunately, it is fair to say that Asbestos can be hidden almost everywhere.

If you have any doubt or suspicion that your property might be contaminated and your employee or project is at risk, do a test!

HSE Australia offers a wide range of Asbestos audit and management services.
Our team of experienced and certified consultants can visit your site to review the situation, take samples, and, can provide best-practice solutions.

All samples are examined by our team in our own Nata accredited laboratory. This streamlined approach guarantees quick turn-around times for you; often you will get your results in 3-5 days. (Same day delivery of results is possible on request)

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Regulations applicable to Asbestos Management vary from state to state. Understanding safety compliance needs is imperative to ensuring asbestos management is compliant to applicable regulations and the specific needs of the workplace.

An asbestos inspection and the preparation of an ‘Asbestos Register’ is required on all buildings and items of plant constructed prior to 2004. An experienced and competent consultant is suitably proficient to conduct an asbestos survey of a property, item of plant or industrial situation. Other newer sites or situations may also require an asbestos survey too, such as a construction site or waste transfer station where asbestos may be present.

Businesses, workplaces, and Asbestos

As a company, you are required to reduce any occupational health risks for your employees to a minimum. However, complying with the relevant legislation in Australia is difficult as each state and territory doesn’t always have the same requirement. As a business, understanding your compliance needs is imperative to developing an asbestos plan that meets the individual needs of your workplace.

Please note: If in doubt you should always secure the potentially contaminated area and initiate an Asbestos audit.

HSE Australia offers Asbestos Audits nationwide with local offices in Adelaide and Perth.
Our specialist will be on-site in 24 hours, anywhere in Australia. (Covid19 dependent)

Asbestos in the Construction Industry

The good news is that if a building is a new build it is most probable that there are no asbestos-containing materials on site. This, in turn, would not require the regular audit to meet compliance and e.g. to keep an Asbestos register.

However, properties built before 31.12.2003 are most like to contain one of over 3000 building materials mentioned above.

Where an asbestos audit is required, you should seek a consultant that is suitably qualified and has the relevant experience, that can provide evidence of both, and that carries the appropriate insurances to undertake the work.

HSE Australia is your partner of choice for Asbestos audits, surveys, and management.

The final result of our work is a detailed Asbestos register that will, amongst other things, contain:

  • Location of the material
  • Physical description of the material
  • Photographs (to help identify the material before any work is undertaken)
  • Risk assessment and risk rating of the material
  • A register or access log to make sure the contractors are reading it before they start any work
  • A record of works undertaken on asbestos-containing materials  
  • Copies of the supporting laboratory analysis of the asbestos-containing material as required.
  • Information on NATA laboratory analysis of the sample to indicate if the suspect material does or does not contain asbestos 

Our experienced team of Asbestos experts understand all this and continue to provide asbestos management planning to clients across Australia. Planning, that will meet the compliance needs of your business.

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List of common Asbestos contaminated products:

List of common Asbestos contaminated products image HSE Australia


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